Safety & Health Precautions on 2023 Carl’s Europe Tours, LLC

el slowly returned to some semblance of normal for life and travel. What Carl’s Europe Tours, LLC will be doing to make travel safe:

  • Covid-19 tests are no longer required to leave or reenter the U.S.  Most countries we will visit do not require Covid-19 testing upon or after arrival. 
  • The wearing of Masks may be required in some venues participant. 
  • When necessary extra spacing in any vehicle may be used for travel.
  • We will try to use smaller restaurants wherever possible and practice social distancing as much as possible.
  • We will be working with each accommodation to ensure proper sanitizing and preparation before and during our stay.
  • We will alter our itinerary and activity schedule to take advantage of smaller crowds and any other safety measures whenever/wherever possible.

Please note: We may have to modify our precautions while traveling in response to recent Covid-19 developments based on the current situation of the country we are visiting.